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(без темы) [мар. 18, 2007|09:09 am]

yay i got my acceptance letter from Seattle University!!! 1 down three to go

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I LOVE him...tell me he isnt adorable [фев. 26, 2007|09:15 pm]

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(без темы) [фев. 6, 2007|08:06 pm]
plain and simple

i love my girlfriend
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(без темы) [янв. 31, 2007|08:06 pm]
[Настроение |distressedaahghagh]

Ahhh I need HELP!!!

I got called to do the Children's service this sunday and I need a theme. I'm completely drawing a blank so can anyone help me out and pitch a few ideas??? 

There's already going to be a Valentines day service and its too early for the spring time theme... I need help....please....

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The Weekend [янв. 16, 2007|03:23 pm]
I went to a laser show with Sarah and Megan and Michelle. It was SO good, too good. It was the Sublime laser show, but now I have plans to go to the Dark Side of Oz laser show.

I waited all week for sunday, it came and I boarded the train to see the girl who's more than on my mind.
The weekend was more than I could have asked for, it was perfect and wonderful and beautiful, everything fantastic. I stayed the night and left the next night, a sad departure.
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The Girlfriend [янв. 11, 2007|05:12 pm]

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Uhm...yeah [янв. 11, 2007|12:17 pm]
[Музыка |KT Tunstall: Suddenly I see]

Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm

Suddenly I see
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see
Why the hell it means so much to me

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(без темы) [янв. 3, 2007|08:38 pm]
[Настроение |contentcontent]

I'm falling harder and harder each day. She's addictive, a priceless drug, an out of print book. 

And i'm nervous with hope, the faintest whisper of fear. But mostly just hope.

What am I hoping for? I don't even know.

I am happier than I have been for so long, and its such a funny feeling.
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Yes [янв. 3, 2007|08:28 pm]
[Местонахождение |room]
[Настроение |complacentcomplacent]
[Музыка |Rufus Wainwright]

And right now I am doing ok
yes, this is an alright start
yes I am nervous
no I am not certain of where this will go
but right now, yes
this is an alright start

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The best New Years [янв. 1, 2007|11:59 pm]
It was everything I wanted it to be.

She came, and I had a hug for her the size of the world. was I nervous with a household of friends? YES. But I took her cold hand in mine and led her in through the front door. Those who were there looked on with smiles and my smile in return was weak and I know I was shaking. We weaved our way through legs and chairs to the dining room, we made it. UNTIL..." Brianna, can we show everyone your quilt now?"  uhhh.. shaky voice " yeah, let me..uh go grab it" ....I brought it, stretched it, showed it and folded it neatly back up and set it on the stairs.

My hand on her shoulder I guided her towards the door to the basement, where I has LOTR 3 set up.

We sat. She drew her knees up onto the fouton and I reclined against them, wishing I still had her hand in mine but not having enough nerve to pick it back up again.

She knew, she knew I wanted to kiss her and she knew how badly I wanted it. How did she know? oh , I was a dumbass and let it slip the night before in a text. Midnight came around. Yes it came around. And she knew, and I dreaded it because I have no backbone whatsoever.

"Happy New Years" she said, I smiled knowing I should be kissing her. I knew that if I didnt kiss her while it was still 12 exactly...it wouldnt be right and I would have failed...again. Like the last time I saw her. So it goes, it was like I was watching a movie. I leaned over to her, and she smiled, so I kissed her. Not once but twice.

I sat back down shaking. I was so nervous.

So time passed and she held me as we watched LOTR 3. And I even worked up the nerve to kiss her a couple more times. It was the best New Years...but little did I know it would get so much better. The clock rolled around and after LOTR I put in Breakin... it was 4 a.m when I realized how badly I wanted her to stay the night, so she did.

And we pulled blankets from the cupboards and spooned until we fell asleep haha.

I woke up with her arm around me...I lay there enjoying the feeling of being with someone. She said she would leave around 4. which turned to 7 where we came to an agreement that 10pm would work much better.

btw .... Gandalf is gay...the actor, in real life is gay.
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